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Jaipur Cuisine


Food of Jaipur: Each region in India has its own traditional dishes and specialties. In the royal kitchens of Rajasthan, as well as most other states, food was very serious business and raised to the level of an art-form. Hundreds of cooksFood worked in the stately palaces and kept their recipes a closely guarded secret. Some recipes were passed on to their sons and the rest were lost for ever. It became a matter of great prestige to serve unusual dishes to guests and the royal cooks were encouraged to experiment. The tales of how cooks tried to impress their guests by presenting at least one unforgettable item on the menu have now become legends. The monthly budget ran into lakhs of rupees and the royal guests were treated to such delicacies as stuffed camels, goats, pigs and peacocks... it was perfectly normal to have live pigeons and other birds fly out of elaborately decorated dishes. The food was served in gold and silver utensils and the number of dishes at one meal ran into hundreds. It was usually never possible to taste all the delicacies sewed.

Rambagh Palace,
This 5-star hotel has a restaurant and bar to boast of. There is an open air barbecue on the palace lawns (weather permitting of course) , the legendary ‘Polo Bar’ with its Polo memorabilia and a lounge with a name ‘Steam’ which has Victorian semblance.

Suvrna Mahal is the other restaurant providing royal dinning experience with its great Italian renaissance style grand dinning room. Of course al this comes for a price. A steep price.

Four Seasons Restaurant is located Located in posh C-scheme Area. Far from the hustle and bustle, the noise of the main city and yet within easy range of Mirza Ismail Road: The hub of business activity.. Four Seasons Restaurant serves Indian, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, Pizzas, Ice Cream, Multi-cuisine Vegetarian cuisines.

Durbar Restaurant The Restaurant has been artistically designed symbolising the Jaipur Traditional Mehrabs. Our chef has conjured up delectable multicuisine and Indian dishes especially for you. The restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, where our special "Bhopa" will entertain you with his expertise in Rajasthani music.

Surya Mahal The courtyard adjoining the Surya Mahal restaurant is the most romantic place to have dinner in Jaipur. Lit by huge burning braziers, the courtyard features a raised platform where beautiful Rajasthani women give a short performance of their traditional dance. Service is superb, as is the food -- this is one place where the "Continental" cuisine, created by Chef Andrew Whiffed from Barbados, is as good as the Indian. Specialty Indian dishes include the kebab platter (any of the tandoor dishes are highly recommended) and traditional thali (multicourse platters). The murgh malai tikka, chicken marinated in yogurt and cream and cooked in the clay tandoor, is delicious, as is the seafood Kerala curry -- prawns simmered in a mild coconut sauce and spiced with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and tamarind; mutton dishes, generally speaking, are less successful.

Pinxx at Royal Orchid: is the new age, seamless, lounge and restaurant that allows you to float easily, between meals and spaces. The food combinations here are truly unique. A must-visit even if you do not have too much time to spend in the city.

Choice Restaurant at Hotel Om Towar A place to treat your taste buds with the authentic Indian continental & Chinese cuisines and atmosphere for every mood and occasion.

A warm, congenial welcome, round-the-clock. Buffet spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From casual, all-day eateries to formal, fine dining, guests can look forward to a wide selection of delectable dishes and refreshing drinks. At CHOICE RESTAURANT, we offer a distinctive dining experience, one that explores the nuances of the finest Indian and international cuisines, serving traditional and

Chokhi Dhani: Mention Rajasthani food and everyone, whether from Jaipur or not, brightens up and says Chokhi Dhani. The name means roughly, the excellent hamlet, and no attempt has been spared to convert this place into a kind of Rajasthan for Beginners. Thus, as soon as you enter, you are greeted with a bright red tikka, and bestrewn with flowers. Inside, you have young women dancing with pots on their heads, street acrobats with children spinning on poles, young boys dancing to folk tunes, camel rides, cotton candy on sticks, hookahs being passed around and a haat (market) selling everything from printed bed covers to silver jewellery and the ubiquitous miniatures.

Since we were in search of Rajasthani food, we went off to the hut in which it was being served on the floor. After taking off our footwear and returning a series of energetic "Namastes", we sat down on the floor to be served. Some chairs are available for the old and the infirm and though we were tempted we resisted and decided to challenge our cartilage.

Water is served in clay tumblers. A set meal is laid out in front of you. Two marble-sized receptacles contain the desi ghee with which you sprinkle any and everything you choose. (A nice idea so that the weight watchers can simply eschew it). Daal, gatti (besan dumplings in daal) various vegetables and three kinds of bread are then served. Afterwards you are given khichdo (daal and rice cooked together). Move quickly to prevent the server from sprinkling it with a lavish serving of ghee and powdered sugar.

The groans with which we rose came partially out of osseous pain and partly out of gastronomic excess.