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Kozhikode Tourism and Travel Guide


There is not much fact known of the early history of Calicut except for some prehistoric rock-cut caves that have been found at many placesKozhikode of the district. During the Sangam age, the district was under the Chera administration until AD 1122. This was the time when this region was a major center of trade between Kerala and the outside world.

The city of Calicut came into existence in the 13th century when Udaiyavar, the king of Ernad, conquered the area around Ponniankara and built a fort at a place called Velapuram, now known as Calicut. Interestingly, the name Calicut is derived from ‘calico,’ the fine variety of hand-woven cotton cloth said to have originated from this place.

The outer world came to know about in 1498 when Vasco da Gama came to Calicut and obtained permission to carry out trade from here. Quickly in succession came the English and Dutch. Disputes over the control of Calicut continued for a long time until 1792, when the East India Company went into an agreement with the local Zamorin rulers to directly administer this area. Kerala was declared a state in 1956, Kozhikodeand Calicut today is one of the most important centers of trade and business in this progressive state.

How To Reach

Air: Kozhikode (Calicut) has an airport at Karipur.

Rail: Kozhikode is served by a number of costal trains and several passenger trains

Road: A well-built network of roads connects Kozhikode (Calicut) to the other parts of Kerala and the surrounding states and India.

Hotels In Kozhikode

Sea Queen Hotel
Harivihar Ayurvedic Heritage Home
Taj Residency
Kadavu Resorts
Hotel Malabar Palace
Fortune Hotel Welcome Group
Malabar Mansion
Calicut Towers
Hotel Hyson Heritage
Alakapuri Guest House