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Nadiad Tourism and Travel Guide

History of Nadiad

The history of Patidars in NADIAD can be easily traced to Jetsi Patel (forefather of Patels of Kakarkhad, Lakhawad, Alhadvago, and Ratanji Hirji) who came to NADIAD in around Vikram Samvat 1213 (1156AD), and Kheta PatelNadiad (forefather of Desais of Desaivago) who came in around Vikram Samvat 1516. All were land owners and land tillers-farmers. To-day a Patidar (i.e. Patel and Desai) of origin in NADIAD can be found in most all parts of the world.

The decendents of Kheta Patel excelled in Rajwada (small-medium kingdom) administration and diplomacy that earned them land and title-‘Desai’ awards. The enclave they lived in became ‘Desaivago’. For many decades it was powerhouse of Rajwada admistrators, diplomats, and educators, and now of industrialists, entrprenuers, and professionals in all parts of the world.

It all started near the temple of Bhairav. This temple is in ruins at present. It is speculated that few ‘Nat’ families had their habitat there. ‘Nat’ families made their living by entertaining people by performing on road side or streets. As their habitat grew it became known as ‘Natpur-town of Nat’. The town boundaries kept on expanding and moving westward. At some point in time it became known as NADIAD. By Vikram Samvat 999 (943AD) NADIAD was one of nine major towns of district of Kheda. Jetsi NadiadPatel, the first Patel, made his home in NADIAD in around Vikram Smavat 1213 (1156AD). It is evident that Our Town of NADIAD had managed to locate itself inside magnificent ponds-lakes of the area. It had become a supply and business center. Its nine outskirts (Bhagol) had access routes to nearby towns and each Bhagol was named by the connecting town. Over the centuries NADIAD saw several rulers of Chawda, Solanki, Vaghela, Peshwa, Mogul, Gaekwad, and English dynasties each leaving a mark on town.

During the years of independence movement of India, Our Town of NADIAD became focal point of the movement, frequented by Mahatma Gandhi- the Father of Our Nation and the Great Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (born in NADIAD) whose political savy is sorely missed by India.