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Panajim Tourism and Travel Guide

Panjim History

panjim or Panaji's history goes back to the Purta Dharmas - the charitable deeds of Gandagopal Kelima whose grandfather Kalapa was entrusted with the administration of panjim by the Kadamba king, Shasthadeva (1007-1050),Panajim a good and a glorious king who "by his works redressed all the wrongs in his kingdom".

This is gathered from an inscription of the Kadamba king, Vijayaditya I, dated February 7, 1107, and refers to panjim as Pahajani Khali - Pahajani from which panjim supposedly got its name and Khali probably refers to the creeks and backwaters abounding in the area. The first few Portuguese chroniclers, soon after the conquest of Goa, refer to panjim as Panaji or Ponji which is said to mean "Land that never gets flooded". According to one Portuguese philologist, the word Pongy is derived from Panch Yma Afsumgary or five wonderful castles where the Muslim king, Ismail Adil Shah, and his wives used to live. Its name was later changed by the Portuguese into panjim. When Old Goa collapsed in the 19th century, panjim was elevated to the status of a city on 22nd March 1843 and was renamed `Nova-Goa' (New Goa). After liberation in 1961, it came to be known as panjim.

panjim originally was a neglected ward of Taleigao village. It was, in fact, a large coconut palm grove interspersed with ponds, backwaters, creeks, canals, sand dunes and paddy fields. The only conspicuous construction existing in the locality was the 15th century castle built by Adil Shah on the left margin of the Mandovi River.

On December 1, 1759, the Viceroy Dom Manuel de Saldanha de Albuquerque, Count Of Ega, shifted his residence from Panelim (near Old Goa) to panjim. For this purpose, the old castle of Adil Shah was totally remodeled and a palace was built where, at present, the Government Secretariat stands. This has been the administrative and political seat of Government since then. It is here that the future of the State is decided and molded.

How to Reach Panjim
Panaji / Panjim, the capital of Goa, is also the headquarters of the north Goa district.

How to Reach Panjim by Road: Buses of state transport corporations of Goa and the neighboring states ply from the PanajimKadamba bus stand, Panaji's main bus terminal. Private operators also run bus services to different destinations of the state.

How to Reach Panjim by Rail: The Panji railway station is part of the Konkan Railway network. Trains run between Panaji and prominent cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi. The Vasco Da Gama railway station is 30 km away from Panaji.

How to Reach Panajim by Air: The Dabolim Airport is located 29 km south of Panjim. Domestic flights operate between Dabolim and major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Delhi, Chennai and Thiruvananthpuram.

Shopping in Panjim
Goa is a shopper's haven and the capital city of Panaji is one of the most exciting shopping destinations in the state. The shopping experience in Panjim is a blend of the exotic and the modern. While the local markets are a treasure trove of indigenous handicrafts, the upscale shopping malls teem with designer boutiques and international brands.

Scour the markets of Panjim for a wealth of artifacts including brassware, terracotta, shell work, Curios and old coins, carved furniture and a lot others. The Miramar beach, located 3 km away from the city, is another shopping hub thronged by locals and tourists alike. Local fisherman turned vendors would fall over each other too the potential customers. The ideal place to shop for trendy beachwear and hammocks.

Apart from the local markets, the government emporia in Panjim also do brisk business. The Goa Handicrafts Industries Development Corporation Emporium at Tourist Hotel in Panaji draws a number of shoppers with its offering of handicrafts.

Hotels in Panjim

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