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Shimla Tourism and Travel Guide

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Fair & Festivals In Shimla

Shimla Hotels

History of Shimla

Shimla came into existence in 1819, after the Gurkha War, when a thickly wooded spot, then known for the temple of goddessShimla `Shyamala' was discovered by the British. Its climate commanded itself to British officers on leave and remained a summer village of tents for about three years. It was only in the year 1822 that Captain Kennedy constructed the first double storey building here known as the Kennedy House. Lord Amherst, the first Governor General who visited Shimla, in 1827 stayed at the Kennedy House. It was during Lord William Bentinck's time that Shimla was truly acquired by the Government of India. The old Dak Bungalow of Shimla was demolished to provide a site for the Bentinck Castle, which is today the famous Grand Hotel. Soon Shimla became the summer capital of the British Indian Government. Lord Bentinck's successor Lord Auckland, chose a residence on the northern eastern spur of the Shimla range which was known as the Auckland House. The Auckland House, one of the oldest houses of Shimla, was a scenario of brilliant balls and theatricals.

The British made Shimla their summer capital in 1864 and it remained so until 1939. The summer exodus of the officials from the plains, however, ended after 1947. Shimla continued to serve as a temporary capital of the east Punjab until the new city of Chandigarh was completed. It has remained the capital of Himachal Pradesh ever since 1966.

How to Reach Shimla by Air: Shimla's airport is at a distance of 23 kilometers at Jubbarhatti. The Airport is well connected to Chandigarh, Kullu and Delhi. Jagsons Airways offer excellent services and connect Shimla to various parts of the country.

How to reach Shimla by Road: A fine network of roads connects Shimla to all major cities in India.

How to Reach Shimla by Rail: Kalka, located at a distance of 96 kilometers from Shimla is the nearest railhead. From Delhi you can take a train to reach Kalka. In any case you have to change the train, as there are no direct trains to Shimla.

Shopping In Shimla

The discerning shopper would find shopping in Shimla a pleasant experience. Like all hill stations in India, Shimla also has a rich and diverse forestland. One thing that must feature in your shopping cart in Shimla is the walking sticks. The ace craftsmen in Shimla make exquisite walking sticks out of the wood available in Shimla.

Shimla Other popular items for shopping in Shimla are woolen shawls and caps. Weavers in the Kullu-Manali region weave colorful caps on their looms, which are highly favorite with the tourists visiting this region.

In fact Shimla, to much extent specializes in woolen garments. Try to pick up Kinnauri mufflers, scarves, embroidered handkerchiefs, hand-knitted socks and gloves while shopping in Shimla.

You would also find lots of Tibetan handicrafts for shopping in Shimla, which make their way to Shimla from SHIMLA. Buddhist style curios, antiques, Feng-Shui elements are also available in abundance. You may also include carpets, rugs, leather craft and silver jewellery in your shopping list in Shimla.

The Mall is the best place foe shopping in Shimla. Numerous shopping joints literally dot the area. Alongside the government run emporia, several other private outlets offer great shopping in Shimla.

Food & Restaurant

A super smooth water feature, clever lighting and top-notch table service, lends itself to the theme of Leicester's hip and trendy Shimla Pinks. Renowned for its glamour and high profile clientele, it serves a sumptuous dining experience to all who enter their doors.”

Polished to perfection, offering Indian cuisine with a zesty zing, the restaurant bites back a roaring trade from its prime London Road location.

Its décor is enhanced with sassy splashes of vibrant art, softened with little hints of well-chosen Indian artifacts to complement its unique style.

A double-leveled up-market 150-seater restaurant, with a cool and charming atmosphere showcases exquisite culinary cuisine for a versatile range of clientele.

The highly acclaimed chefs from India at Shimla Pinks, Leicester UK provide a mouth-watering experience for diners. The ambitious and friendly staff are a pleasing touch - they share the experience and contribute by making your evening fun and enjoyable.