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Dantewada Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City

Dantewada Tourism in India has been one of the important sources of income. India’s natural beauties and most interestingly, its strong historical links attached to various cities and towns have attracted tourists from India and around over the years. The state of Chhattisgarh boasts of the beautiful district of Dantewada which came into existence in the year 1998, having been a tehsil of the larger Bastar District until then. The History of Dantewada is something that would interest one and all as it also has mythological connotations to it.

Actually a part of the Bastar Division, the historical city of Dantewada is bordered on the south and south west by Khamman District (Andhra Pradesh), on its north and north east by the Bastar District, on the east by the Malkangiri district (Orissa) and on the west by Indrawati river. A Tour to Dantewada will surely help you explore some of the most interesting zones of India.

Having derived its name from Goddess Danteshwari, the city of Dantewada, according to the great epic, Ramayana, is believed to be the place where Rama spent part of his exile term of 14 years.

Then known as Dandakaranya, is believed to be the Karmabhoomi of Rama.

As far as the History of Dantewada is concerned, part of the inhabitants of Sindhughati moved to Bastar after 1500 B.C who were recognized better as the Nagas. Later, the Satwahanas ruled the place 72 B.C to 200 A.D. Various evidences show influences of Jainism and Buddhism during the 3rd century A.D before the advent of the Nala dynasty. It should be noted that the the tribals, like the Nalas (760-350 B.C) and the Nagas (760-1324 A.D) ruled the land for longer periods than any other dynasty. The downfall of the Chalukya rule in (1324-1774 A.D) marked the invasion of outsiders and the end of the Gonds. The Bhosles ruled from 1777-1853 and the British took over after that.

Ruled by various kingdoms of Nags, Satwahanas, Chalukyas and Nalas at different points of time, Dantewada has seen much of the dark and bright faces of history of India.

DantewadaHow to Reach Dantewada
India has been rich on tourism options for many years now. Different places have drawn the interests of numerous tourists from worldwide with its natural beauties and most importantly, its strong historical connections. Chhattisgarh having been formed of late boasts of the scenic district of Dantewada which came into being in 1998 (a tehsil of the larger Bastar District before that). A Tour to Dantewada is what would actually prove its exclusiveness. However, if you have planned a tour to this part of the country, you have to have a clear idea as to How to Reach Dantewada. Reaching Dantewada is very easy from any part of the state or beyond. There are several options that you can avail of while deciding your journey to this place.

Jagdalpur: 87
Raipur: 383
Durg: 421
Rajnandgaon: 462
Bilaspur: 499
Hyderabad: 560

Air: Nearest airport is Raipur Railway Station: Dantewada Railway Station (The South Eastern Railway runs a regular passenger train from Vishakhapattanam to Baila dila through Dantewada.)