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diu Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City

The Parsee community that fled religious persecution in Iran in the 7th century landed here before moving to the southern Diucoast of Gujarat. Diu is a tiny little island in the Arabian Sea, comfortably and easily accessible on the sea route from West Asia to India and the Far East. The Sultans of Oman controlled the entire region during the 14th and 16th centuries and Diu became a flourishing trading post and naval base from where the shipping routes of the Arabian Sea could easily be controlled. Little wonder then that the Portuguese doggedly tried to gain control of this strategically placed enclave before finally succeeding in 1539, after almost twenty years. For the Portuguese, Diu and its counterpart across the Gulf of Cambay, Daman served as base for the lucrative opium trade with the east. Diu remained under Portuguese control till its independence in 1961, even though the mighty naval empire of Portugal had declined long ago.

How to Reach
By Air: Diu has an airport which is located in Nagoa. From here, Jet airways offer daily flights to and from Mumbai.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is located at Veraval. One can access Diu by reaching Veraval which in turn is connected to Rajkot, Ahmedabad and the other important cities of western India. Tour to Diu by rail would be fun since the tourist will come across the rural parts of India and will have a good opportunity to witness the beauty of these regions. It is advisable for the tourists to travel to Diu from October to March since the weather is the most pleasant one during this period.

By Road: Diu is well linked via roads that connect the National Highways of the country. These well maintained roads link Diu to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Daman, Palitana and other major places of the western part of India.

Holy Places in Diu

Holy places everywhere are meant for purifying the consciousness of the tourist. A place is made predominantly holy by the presence of the Lord and His loyal devotees. Holy places in Diu will purify your soul and will ensure a spiritual healing from your sorrows and grief.

Diu To offer your prayers and to attain spirituality you can visit the holy places in Diu. Major attractions of Diu are the famous holy places which feature great architectural grandeurs. The churches dates back to ancient times and are true exemplary of beautiful architecture.

Diu a former Portuguese enclave, and now a Union Territory, is steeped in history. Diu was under the control of Chanda and Vaghela dynasties till the 14th Century. The Muslim rulers ruled over the island town till 1380 AD. After that it was under the rule of the powerful wave of invasion of the foreign rule that lasted well up to 450 years. It is quite natural that the holy places in Diu reflect characteristic feature of the history. Diu holy places mostly cover up the impressive churches and cathedrals which were built during Portuguese invasion.

One of the famous holy places in Diu is the St. Paul’s church which is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The erection of the church was started in 1601 and was finished in the year 1610. The chief facade of the church is perhaps the most intricate of all Portuguese churches in India. The façade has been illuminated by flood lights. The church adorned with curiously treated spirals and shell - like motifs and the superb wood carving is considered to be the most gorgeous of all the Portuguese churches in India.

If you want to visit the famous holy places in Diu it is worth visiting the Church of St Francis of Assisi. It was the friary of the Franciscans and was constructed in 1593. The Church is still in use and the cloister has been rehabilitated into a hospital.

Diu holy places draw tourists from across the world. The old St. Thomas Church has been transformed into a museum which houses antique statues, various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings and idols.

From the blue waters of the Arabian Sea to the lush acres of green forests, Gujarat in India presents a varied topography and beautiful landscapes that allures tourists to the cities in Gujarat. offers online information on Cities in Gujarat and other tourist attractions of Gujarat and other parts of India.

From beautiful marble temples to the golden sea beach on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the cities in Gujarat are equally unique and beautiful. The kaleidoscopic fabric of Gujarat is not only about temples and seashores but deserts, forests and colorful festivals too. From the colors of Gujarat’s tribal life to the exquisite handicrafts, the cities in Gujarat bring out each little dimension that adds beauty to Gujarat in India.

Fair and festival

Introduction To Gangaji Fair: Daman and Diu is small territory where cultures meet and blends perfectly to form a newDiu convention. Daman with her pleasing scenic beauty and friendly people onsets the festive mood among all the people irrespective of caste and creed. The serene beaches, the palm fringes and the mishmash of traditions offer the scope to observe the Indian traditions closely. Gujarat is very close to Daman which gives a close proximity between the two customs. Most of the rituals of Gujarat and Daman and Diu are similar and are celebrated at the same time. Gangaji fair is an important fair which is celebrated in every part of Daman and Diu. The fair shows the great celebration that complete true heritage of Daman and Diu.

Description of Gangaji Fair: Gangaji Fair is an annual event in Daman and Diu. Gangaji is the festival of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva holds a distinguished position in Hindu mythology. He is regarded as ‘the creator of the universe’ and thus his adoration is popular among all the Hindus. Daman and Diu do not stand as an exceptional as the fair is best place where the rituals can be seen and practiced. The fair makes people from different part of the state to gather near a tank where all the rituals take place. After taking a holy dip in the tank different customs and rituals make the festival colorful and attractive. To experience the rich Hindu customs, thousands of tourists gather to witness the grand celebration.

Time For Celebration of Gangaji Fair: The fair is an annual event and you can easily take part in the celebration. The date of the celebration depends on the local calendar. People from the village of Dabhel celebrate this fair and the village is located near Somnatha Mahadev Temple. During the festive season tourists from every corner of the country come to experience the glory of the fair.

Hotels in Diu

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