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Diu Tourism and Travel Guide

History of Diu

The Parsee community that fled religious persecution in Iran in the 7th century landed here before moving to the southern coast of Gujarat. Diu is a tiny little island in the Arabian Sea, comfortably and easily accessible on the seaDiu route from West Asia to India and the Far East. The Sultans of Oman controlled the entire region during the 14th and 16th centuries and Diu became a flourishing trading post and naval base from where the shipping routes of the Arabian Sea could easily be controlled. Little wonder then that the Portuguese doggedly tried to gain control of this strategically placed enclave before finally succeeding in 1539, after almost twenty years. For the Portuguese, Diu and its counterpart across the Gulf of Cambay, Daman served as base for the lucrative opium trade with the east. Diu remained under Portuguese control till its independence in 1961, even though the mighty naval empire of Portugal had declined long ago.

Climate of Diu

The word ‘Diu’ is derived from the Sanskit word “Dweep”, which means “Island”. Thus, Diu being an island enjoys a maritime climate, with the constant sea breezes affecting its temperature. With a plain topography, the weather remains dry, though pleasant throughout the year. During summers, the climate in Diu ranges between a maximum of 36 degrees and a minimum of 20 degrees. However, during winters, it comes down to a maximum of 26 degrees and the minimum temperature remains about 20 degrees.

Small hillocks, rising like mounds of gold surround the island, and they attain a maximum height of not more than 30 metres. The soil is barren and dry, and receives an average annual rainfall of about 540 millimeters. The monsoon season lasts from the month of June to September. The maximum rainfall during the monsoons is about 63.5 cms. With an abundant of palm and coconut trees shooting throughout the place, Diu enjoys a lush and varicolored vegetation. Some of the major plants found in Diu are Casurina, Furiflora, Acacia, Hoka etc. Because of its mild tropical climate, the best time to visit Diu is from September to April.

How to reach Daman Diu?

By Air: The nearest international and domestic airport Mumbai is only 193kms away. All major airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air Deccan, Spice Jet, and Kingfisher Airlines operate regular flights to and from DiuMumbai.

By Rail: Vapi, the nearest Railhead is only 12kms away. Mumbai and Ahmedabad are two very important Railway Stations of the Western Railways, which are very close from Daman.

By Road: NH No. 8 connects Daman by motorable road with Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Vadodara etc.

Shopping in Daman Diu

Although Daman and Diu is not a typical shopping destination, still shopping in Daman and Diu can be a cool experience.

Daman is particularly noted for Customs Shops selling seized foreign goods in attractive

If you are keen on shopping in Daman and Diu, you can look for

Leather slippers

Woven of bamboo mats and baskets

You can find Electronic goods, Gift articles, attractive household appliances for shopping in Daman and Diu.

Maharaja Super Market, Princess Park at Devka Beach are renowned shopping areas, which offer good shopping in Daman and Diu.

Regular beach items like goods made of seashell, oysters etc are also available at Devka Beach, Nani Daman.

Monuments of Daman Diu

Daman - Painting Portugal In Indian Colours
The erstwhile Portuguese enclave has now become a popular gateway for holidayers. Gentle winds, soft sands, historic churches, majestic forts, sleeping villages and a secular creed portraying the flames of friendship make Daman aDiu heartwarming place to hide away from the modern world.

Diu - Holiday In A Soft Heart
The island of Diu, a bygone Portuguese colony, off the coast of Saurashtra Gujarat, offers a fully laid back atmosphere.Visit the colossal Portuguese heritage monuments lying cheek by jowl to sacred Christian mansions that add a different twist to your holiday.

Have Fun on The Beaches
Daman's beaches are justly famous all around the world, for they are alive with activity all around the day and well into the night. Enjoy horse riding or camel cruise on the pristine sands or just lie down and let the waves wash you with nature's care.

A Celebration of Fun
PLan a holiday trip to Daman during September and you can behold the magical festival of Coconut Festival when the seafarinf people look forward to resume sailing in quest of action. Marking the commencement of the fishing season, the festival adds colours of fun with numerous competitions and cultural programmmes on the shores.

Walking on The Forgotten Memory Lanes
If you have a thirst for ancient and medieval Indian history, Daman is the best guide to wander on the pages. Adorned with stately Portuguese monuments that dot the terrain, Daman is really a place where a vacation can be planned only because of its history.

Fairs & Festivals of Daman Diu

Folk Dance Festival

Daman which can be also named as ‘Damao’ is located on the western coast of India. The river Kolak surrounds the land that adds life and vibrancy to the place. Daman and Diu is a union territory of India which was under Portuguese for over a period of 400 years. If you are bored with the busy schedule of city life then you can easily opt for the place as an important holiday destination. The serene coast, the green palm vegetation, the blue sea and a rich heritage Diuare the perfect combination for the tourist to spend some momentous time. A rich heritage and wonderful culture can be seen in the fairs and festivals of Daman and Diu which are colorful and full of diversities.

Folk Dance Festival is one of the main festivals in Daman and Diu. Being a Portuguese colony, Daman and Diu inherit wonderful customs where east and west meet to give a new form of custom. There are various kinds of dances like Mando Dance, Verdigao and Vira dance which are the main attractions of folk dance festival in Daman and Diu. This dance festival makes the ambience lively and energetic. This dance festival is celebrated by both elder and younger generations. Traditional and the contemporary dance performances can be experienced during these festival days. The main aim of the festival is to eat drink and make merry. Garba dance is one of the eminent names amongst the traditional dances.

Dance festival in daman and diu is one of the main festivals and this festival take place towards the end of the English calendar. Tourists from different corner of the world come and visit the place and their participation makes the occasion interactive and grand in every sense. This dance festival involves people of various age groups, different caste and creed, and there lies the magnificence of the festival.

Garba Festival:
Daman and Diu is the land which bear diversities that can be seen in the form of festivals. Daman and Diu host beautiful beaches and historical monuments that give the tales of rich historical background which the Union Territory is proud of. The blend of various cultures gave rise to a new tradition. Gujarat, the neighboring state has a huge influence on the local ethnicity of Daman and Diu. Garba festival is one of the important festivals in Gujarat and Daman and Diu too celebrates this festival with pomp and grandeur. India is the land of festivals and celebrations and Daman and Diu is not an exceptional one.

Garba festival is a popular dance festival of Gujarat. This festival is celebrated with great solemnity and majesty in Daman and Diu. The main occasion takes place for nine days where young boys and girls celebrate by dancing in colorful clothes and accessories. The celebration takes place in honor of Goddess Amba where devotional songs andDiu dances are performed. The festival commences with traditional rituals of Devi Amba. The dance and all the rituals hold individual significances. In Daman and Diu Garba does not remain restricted within Gujarati but all the people from different community come and take part to make the festival a grand event.

Garba festival is an important festival in Daman and Diu which is celebrated in all the local areas of the territory. Garba is the festival that takes place in the month of October or November. The colorful decoration and the festive mood add a new tinge to the place. During these days Daman and Diu remain populated with tourists from different corners of the world.

Gangaji Fair:
Daman and Diu is small territory where cultures meet and blends perfectly to form a new convention. Daman with her pleasing scenic beauty and friendly people onsets the festive mood among all the people irrespective of caste and creed. The serene beaches, the palm fringes and the mishmash of traditions offer the scope to observe the Indian traditions closely. Gujarat is very close to Daman which gives a close proximity between the two customs. Most of the rituals of Gujarat and Daman and Diu are similar and are celebrated at the same time. Gangaji fair is an important fair which is celebrated in every part of Daman and Diu. The fair shows the great celebration that complete true heritage of Daman and Diu.

Gangaji Fair is an annual event in Daman and Diu. Gangaji is the festival of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva holds a distinguished position in Hindu mythology. He is regarded as ‘the creator of the universe’ and thus his adoration is popular among all the Hindus. Daman and Diu do not stand as an exceptional as the fair is best place where the rituals can be seen and practiced. The fair makes people from different part of the state to gather near a tank where all the rituals take place. After taking a holy dip in the tank different customs and rituals make the festival colorful and attractive. To experience the rich Hindu customs, thousands of tourists gather to witness the grand celebration.

The fair is an annual event and you can easily take part in the celebration. The date of the celebration depends on the local calendar. People from the village of Dabhel celebrate this fair and the village is located near Somnatha Mahadev Temple. During the festive season tourists from every corner of the country come to experience the glory of the fair.

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