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Hampi Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City

HampiHampi, the 14th century capital of one of the greatest empires of the world, lies in the Deccan heartland in the state of Karnataka or Karu’nadu (meaning 'elevated land'). The ruins of Hampi are scattered throughout an area of 26 sq. km area, amidst giant boulders and vegetation. Protected by the tempestuous river Tungabhadra in the north and rocky granite ridges on the other three sides, the ruins narrate silenty the story of grandeur splendor and fabulous wealth. The splendid remains of palaces and gateways of the broken city tells a tale of man's infinite talent and power of creativity together with his capacity for senseless destruction.

The genesis of the place, known today as Hampi, dates back to the age of the Hindu epic 'Ramayana' when it was the site of Kishkinda, a monkey kingdom. Between the 9th and 10th century, this area was known as Vijaypur and later in 1150 AD as Vijaynagar under the king Vijayadhawaja. Vijayanagara, the capital of the mighty Vijayanagara, was founded in 1336 AD by two Hindu brothers Hakka and Bukka under the able guidance of a Brahmin priest Madhva Vidyaranya. The empire that lasted for over twenty years despite to dizzy heights culminating into the golden era of South Indian history. The Empire, that extended from river Krishna to Cape Comorin, included the modern state of Orrisa and was ruled from a capital stretched over 165 sq. miles, the central portion of which is called Hampi today. The Vijayanagara Empire also annexed the state of Goa as early as 1380 under Madhavacharya, a minister of king Harihara. The most well-known and powerful ruler of this empire was Krishna Deva Raya (1423-May 1446 AD)

This fairy tale city was devoid of all its strength and splendor in 1565 AD when the then ruler Rama Raya was defeated and killed by a confederation of Muslim kings. The capital was ransacked and reduced to Shambles within 6 months by the victorious Mohamedans who left it desolate, resembling more a ghost city than a former captital. The state of Goa lost its prominence after the fall of this empire as the then rulers, the Portuguese, lost interest in this territory because of the fall in spice and horse trade.

Today a world heritage site, archeologist try to reveil the unknown secrets and they are working patiently at this remote (yet beautiful place) and treasure, when they excavate to unearth, beautifully preserved monuments.

HampiHow to Reach Hampi
Fascinating landscape strewn with solid boulders and rocky outcrops in Hampi is an abiding lure for the tourists across the world. Once the seat of mighty Vijaynagar kingdom, Hampi still bears the souvenirs of a bygone age of splendor.

Discerning travelers travel to this World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Travel. Map so Findia Brings you complete information on how to reach Hampi:

How to Reach Hampi by Air: The most convenient airport from Hampi is Belgaun (190kms). Several airlines operate regular flights connecting Belgaun with prominent cities in south India. Bangalore (353kms), the capital of Karnataka also serves as a well-located entry point for Hampi.

How to Reach Hampi by Road: A good network of roads connect Hampi with other important tourist attractions in Karnataka. Bangalore lies only 350kms (approx) away and one can easily drive own to Hampi from here. Places like Hassan, Hospet, Mysore are also well connected with Hampi.

How to Reach Hampi by Rail: The nearest railhead from Hampi is Hospet (13kms). Hospet is connected to Bangalore, which is in turn linked to the major Indian cities like: Chennai Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and other prominent tourist attractions across the length and breadth of India.

Places to Eat: Hampi does not offer any special cuisine to the traveler. Restaurants, guesthouses and lodges serve Indian and western food. Most of the eating-places and joints are located in the Hampi Bazaar area.

Fairs and Festivals: Hampi is famous for Purandara Festival. This annual festival is held in January-February in the Vittal temple to celebrate the birth anniversary of the medieval poet-composer, Purandar. Hampi

Hotels in Hampi

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Mayura Lodge
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Sundar Lodge
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