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History of The City

Nizamabad There are many tourist spots in district, prominent among them are Nizamsagar, Pochampad, Pocharam, Alisagar and Nizamabad Fort etc, apart from places of religious prominence like Limbadri Narsimhaswamy temple, Lingappa Swamy Temple, Peddagutta etc. Nizamsagar project is constructed at Achampet village on the river Manjeera, a major tributary of Godhavari. Beautiful flower gardens are grown on both sides of dam with dakbunglow facilities. A hydro electric power station is also established near Hassanpally villege of nizamsagar Mandal.

Pochampad project is constructed at Pochampad Village on the River Godhavari. This is also a place of Tourist interest.


Pocharam reservoir is located on Hyderabad-Nizamsagar road. This was constructed on the river Aler the dam site is considered to be beautiful picnic spot attracting many visitors from Hyderabad.

ALISAGAR: Alisagar Reservoir is situated at a distance of 13Km from Nizamabad which is another important picnic spot, close to Nizamabad. A beautiful garden raised here attract picnickers from Nizamabad.

Nizamabad Fort was developed on an original temple of Ram Mandir constructed by Raghunath Das, who had also constructed a big tank which, is the main water source for Nizamabad town till today. Later the temple was developed into a fort.

Alisagar is the beautiful garden developed by Nizam of Hyderabad. This is under the control of Irrigation Department as the Garden is under the bund of Alisagar Tank maintained by Irrigation Department. The Garden is in (33) acres with fountains and has lot of flowers, Deer Park, Tree House. The Garden is very poorly maintained due to insufficient funds and non-availability of technical no-how in garden maintenance. There is an island inside the Alisagar lake. Boating facility in the tank has been introduced recently. About 1000 to 2000 people visit the Alisagar garden on Sundays. Alisagar is situated about (10) K.Ms. away from the Nizamabad town and (2) K.Ms. from Nizamabad-Basar route.

There is tremendous potential for religious, amusement and eco-tourism here.


(Requirement: Export opinion from Horticulrists, Land scaping Specialists and Amusement Park exports).

There is a Old Guest House over looking the lake these to be improved.

NizamabadII. NIZAMSAGAR: There is a beautiful garden under Nizamsagar Project. This is in the Sangareddy - Nanded - Akola Road about (150) K.Ms. from Hyderabad. There is a garden, swimming pool and Guest Houses are all in poor maintenance. During rainy season many people visit from Karnataka, Maharashtra and neighboring districts like Medak, Karimnagar and Hyderabad. Boating facility has been introduced.

III. YEMCHA: Yemcha village in Nizamabad district is just (4) K.Ms. from Basar temple on the Bank of Godavari. It is on the road side of Hyderabad - Basar route. There is a big Drinking Water Scheme constructed under the centrally sponsored Water Supply scheme provide drinking water to (77) villages. There is a summer storage tank storing water from Godavari.

IIV. NIZAMABAD FORT: There is a Jagannath Temple at Quilla (port) on the south-west corner of Nizamabad town. This port is said to be built by Rashtraputha kings in the 10th Centaury. At top the Quilla at about 300' height there is a Rama temple built by Ramdas Mantra of Chatrapathi Sivaji. This is the huge temple with Corridors, Muntaps, Mahamuntaps and large Kalyana Mandapam of about 2000 sq,feet. Area.

NIZAMABAD FORT: The Rama temple can be develop as a place of religious importance. TTD has been requested to help under Annamacharya project. The Collector has also taken the Executive Officer, TTD for inspection of site on 5.7.2001. The temple has been renovated recently, the stair case to Garba Gudi has been constructed. The temple is adjoining the Jail which is presently host in the port. The temple is under management of local committee and should be handed over to Endowment Department for further Development.

2) The waste expense place below the port can be develop into a beautiful garden. An open air auditorium can be constructed for cultural performances, Musical fountains can be established drawing water from nearby Raghunath Tank. The port can be eliminated using focus lights, from the hill very beautiful view of Nizamabad town and hence view point can be developed.

V. SARAGANPUR TEMPLE: Sarangapur is temple is located (7) K.Ms. from North-East of Nizamabad town abating Alisagar. There is a Hanuman temple located on a hill top. These temple is constructed by Ramdas. This temple as 1400 acres of land. There is a tremendous scope for develop site on hillock along with Alisagar Project. (10) acres of land on Hillock is being developed into a garden. Thereis (33) acres of land available near Sarangapur that can be developed into Eco-tourism by providing slab trails for walking.

VI. MALLARAM: Mallaram forest is located (7) K.Ms. of South-West Nizamabad town. In the forest there is very suitable to develop for Eco-tourism. There is small hillock on which hut is being built. I have requested Conservator of Forest to provide Wooden / Cement benches near the click over looking the Mallaram cheruvu. He has been asked to make railings, statues of wild animals and trail through the forest for hiking. I also requested him to develop a small crocodile form / Deer park.

VII. TILAK GARDEN in Nizamabad town: This is a park of ( ) area not being maintained properly. Suggestions of Horticulturists required.

How to Reach Nizamabad
Nizamabad is visited by thousands of tourists every year, due to its plethora of interesting places. If you are thinking about how to reach there, here comes the answer to your question. Nizamabad is well-connected to all the major parts within and outside Andhra Pradesh. It doesn't have its own airport but proximity of Hyderabad and Warangal fulfills the requirements of air-passengers. Hyderabad, the capital city is linked with the city by trains and roads as well. Reaching Nizamabad is easy as it has a well laid-out network of state and district highways.

By Air: There is no airport at Nizamabad and the nearest airports are located at Hyderabad (180 km) and Warangal (230 km). The former airdrome is connected with few international and all the major cities of India. Warangal Airport is connected with very few cities. One can take buses, board trains or hire taxis for traveling over the remaining distance.

By Rail: Nizamabad Railway Station (NZB) falls on the Kachiguda - Manmad line of the South Central Railway. It is connected with all the major towns and cities of the state. Thus, getting to the city by rail is no problem at all. From Hyderabad and Mumbai, there are regular trains for Nizamabad.

By Road: The National Highway No. 7 moves through the periphery of the town, which connects all the cities on the way, from Kanyakumari to Varanasi. National Highway No. 16 also traverses through Nizamabad and links it with places like Karimnagar and Jagadalpur. The North South Corridor of NHDP also passes from here. There are regular bus services from Hyderabad and Mumbai to the town.

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