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Ranikhet Tourism and Travel Guide


Ranikhet is the queen of Kumaon Hills and is situated in Almora District of Uttaranchal. According to the old history 1056 onward Katyuries and Chand Raja ruled the Almora tillRanikhet 1790. There are two stories as to derivation of the name ‘RANIKHET.' One is that the queen of Katuries Raja Dudhan Dev (1180) Padmini selected this place for studies, entertainment & play and thus named as Ranikhet. The other is that it was the place of many battles and was ‘RANKSHETRA', the battlefield.

Ranikhet reflects the very best of the heavenly Himalayas: their lush green forests, majestic mountain peaks, exotic plant life and attractive wild life. To see nature and elements in full harmony of Himalaya the right place is Ranikhet. According to a popular belief, this spot had won the heart of Rani Padmini, she chose this scenic place to be her abode and service, hence it has come to be known as Ranikhet, literally ‘Queen's Field."

The Cantonment comprises Ranikhet proper, Kumpoor, Chaubattia and the standing camp also known as Dulikhet and is about 6 km long with an average breadth of 8 miles and has an area of 4,262.61 acres. Between 1830-56, various European settlers acquired land with the hope of turning it into tea plantation and among them the troops family purchased land from the villagers of Chaubattia, Ranikhet and Upat.

In 1868, the site was selected for stationing British Troops and the following year the Cantonment was established after acquiring the land from villagers of Sarna, Kotli and Tana on payment of compensation of Rs. 13,024.00. There is also an outlying portion called UPAT, some 3 miles out on the Almora Road where the famous Golf course is developed.

Climate is normally mild. Geographically situated at latitude 29°29'50” North and longitude 79°26' East of Greenwich Meridian. Ranikhet has an average altitude of 6000 ft. Minimum is about 5500 ft and Maximum is about 7500 ft.

How to Reach Ranikhet

A large network of road and rail connects Ranikhet to all parts of India. It is an eight hoursRanikhet drive from Delhi via Moradabad and Haldwani. A convenient daily overnight air-conditioned train - "Ranikhet Express" connects Delhi to the railhead Kathgodam. Besides innumerous bus services, both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned, are available from Scindia House, New Delhi and Anand Vihar Bus Terminal, Delhi.

Air:- Nearest Airport is Pantnagar, 112 Kms, but flights are not operational at present Rail:- Nearest Railway heads are Kathgodam - 80 Km. & Ramnagar 96 Km.
Road :- Ranikhet is well connected by roads to important centers in the reigion. Some of the major distances are: Almore (49 km.), Delhi (386 km.), Nainital (59 km.), Kathgodam (80 km)

Hotels in Ranikhet

Rosemount (Chevron Hotel & Resorts)
Woodscilla Resort
The West View Hotel
Parwati Inn
Parwati Resort