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tirupur Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City

The development of Tiruppur, one has heard so much of knit wear boom in the press over the past few years.Tirupur However, none of the explanations in the press have been able to explain why and how this little town in Tamil Nadu has come to be the centre of India's local banian and export cotton knitwear industry. The industry works through a web of small to mid-sized units, with fabrication here, processing elsewhere and stitching somewhere else. These networks of firms operate through jobworking, contracting and sourcing arrangements. The business families set up "sister concern" rather than large fully integrated factories. Despite of some of its difficulties, the business culture in Tiruppur is appreciating.

The historical research on Tirupur leads us back to the "thottams" or well irrigated farms around the town, as most of the industrialists of today have come from modest agricultural backgrounds. Though countless interviews about their lives and work, it has been realised that it was these modest farmers who have innovated in the organisation of the industry. There are many ways in which these ex-farmers came to the industry, worked in knitware firms and got to know the production close at hand and entered as small owners, often in family partnerships. As the industry grew from the old interlock banians to fine banians with an all-India market in the 1970s, the first generation of ex-farmer industrialists created "sister" units, often managed by their relatives, expanding the industries in dispersed units throughout the city. The uniqueness of Tirupur's work Tirupurculture has made it difficult for the big Indian textile giants to enter and capture a large market share, as the rules and norms governing manufacturing and jobworking are often informal and personalised.

How to Reach

TIRUPUR: Textile manufacturers believe that there will be textile boom in India in the coming years, just like the technology boom that swept across cities like Bangalore in the last decade.

IT major REACH Technologies have decided to extend its expertise in the textile industry to the apparel manufacturers and exporters in Tirupur. With the outstanding success in Apparel Industry ‘REACH Technologies’, a leader in Information Technology Solutions textile industry organized an event for textile industry titled “Collaborative Partnerships between Retailers / Brands and Manufacturer – Subcontractors in the Soft Goods industry through strategic use of IT" in textile valley “TIRUPUR” in association with Microsoft, Intel and Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA).

REACH Technologies helps the Indian Textile industry to compete with the international markets. It is Microsoft’s certified partner and offers pre-packaged products, custom solutions, consulting services and offshore development facilities to its clients.

The event was inaugurated by Shree A. Sakthivel, president, Tirupur Exporters' Association who also addressed theTirupur manufactures and entrepreneurs of textile industry. The technical address was given by G. Somasundaram, Textile and Apparel Consultant.

Somasundaran agreed that REACH will gain an unprecedented competitive advantage by being the first soft goods software company to maximize the India talent- and-cost-advantage.

S. Periasamy, deputy director, Textiles Committee shared his views on ‘Cluster Development initiative and Role of IT’ followed by a speech by Tariq Farooqui, director – Vertical Business Development, Microsoft Dynamics, Asia Pacific.

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