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Backwaters In Kerala

Backwater tourismToday Kerala backwaters is a major attraction in Kerala - the palm-fringed, tranquil backwaters of Kerala were once just the state's trade highways. tourism in Kerala backwaters have dictated the state's history, shaped its present and promised it a future by virtue of offering incomparable beauty and unique experiences. The state's palm-fringed backwaters are inland lakes connected by a network of canals. With 41 west-flowing rivers, the backwaters stretch to almost 1,900 kilometers. The backwater routes date back over the centuries and have been long used for all transportation needs, in particular trade in coconut, rubber, rice and spices. today, these waterways link remote villages and islands to the mainland and nerve centers of the coastal area.

The most interesting area in the backwaters is the Kuttanad region, called the rice bowl of Kerala. The area is probably the only place in the continent where farming is done below sea level, using a system of dykes and bunds.

The largest backwater stretch is the Vembanad Lake, which opens out into the sea at the Kochi port and flows through three districts-Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kochi. The Ashtamudi Lake has eight 'arms' covering a major portion of Kollam district in the south, and is the second largest lake in the state.
Kerala Backwaters

Looking forward to have the time of your life this holiday? Think about the gorgeous greens, the canopies of coconuts, the bedazzling blues, balmy beaches and the breathtakingly beautiful backwaters. Welcome to God's Own Country of Kerala. The entire journey along the Kerala backwaters is a moving picture with beauty of nature at its best. Backwater tourism

The Kerala backwaters formed the unique way of travelling in the past. Till date the Kerala backwaters is efficiently used as a means to transport men and material. The entire experience of the green and serene Kerala backwaters is incomparable and incredible. The vivacious and vibrant village life cannot be left in a better way on a smooth sail in the houseboat on Kerala backwaters. The Kerala backwaters have a fleet of over 250 houseboats. The panoramic nature surrounding the houseboats is clubbed with the equally well-furnished interiors. When onboard the houseboats in Kerala backwaters, you may savour the traditional delicacies of Kerala. The cuisine is captivating owing to the local specialties in the menu like the chicken and fish curry. The food is generally fresh as the material is purchased on the way across the Kerala backwaters. You must opt for the fabulous ride on the houseboat and explore the fascinating beauty of the Kerala backwaters.

It is the Kerala backwaters cruises that complete the tour to southern India. Kerala backwaters take you through the winding waterways revealing the colourful culture and customs of the rural life. The magic of the mystical Kerala backwaters works on one and all.

Your Kerala backwaters odyssey will have twittering kingfishers, eye-catching cormorants gliding ducks and Houseboat. The coastline of Kerala is dotted with delightful backwaters destinations. The 'Venice of the East' i.e. Alappuzha with its lovely lakes, lagoons and the fresh water rivers will not fail to sweep you off your feet. The variant village cruises to the coconut plantations and the coir villages of Cochin will captivate you entirely on the Kerala backwaters trip. The capital city of Thiruvanthapuram on one hand is a major center for tourists, politics and industries at the same time its soothing shoreline, beautiful beaches and the backwaters stretches make it terrific. The Kerala Backwater tourismbackwaters destination of Thiruvallam makes a great one-day tour from Thiruvanthapuram. At Thiruvallam you may indulge in the canoe rides, participate in the water sports at the lagoon or simply bask in the beach. Situated on Lake Vembanad the Kerala backwaters destination of Kumarakom offers unparalleled boating, fishing and sightseeing opportunities. Adjacent to Kumarakom is the charming Kerala backwaters of Kottayam with paddy fields, rubber plantations and the highlands the land is renowned as the land of letters, latex and lakes. The gateway to the Kerala backwaters is the spectacular cashew town of Kollam. The longest Kerala backwaters cruise commences from Kollam and ends at Alappuzha. The Kerala backwaters destination of Kasaragod with the Pallikere and the Kappil beaches and the day trips chain of forts at Chandagiri and the best breathtaking views of the Kerala backwaters of vivacious valiyaparamba is a must visit.

Though you may plan your Kerala backwaters tour anytime of the year, the best time for cruising is from October to March. Casual clothes in cotton are best suited for the Kerala backwaters trip. On your way back home from the Kerala backwaters do not forget to pick up the best buys being offered by the region ranging from the carved wooden elephant souvenirs, assorted handicrafts like bell metal products, coir goods, sandalwood, brass and wooden items, conch shells, paintings and masks. All the travel services for the Kerala backwaters tour are easily available. We at India’s Invitation offer the best of Kerala backwaters tours, Kerala backwaters holiday offers, Kerala backwaters tour packages, Kerala backwaters houseboats booking, and Kerala backwaters hotel booking. Chill out on the Kerala backwaters and be assured to enjoy the time of your life!