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yerucaud Tourism and Travel Guide

History and Monuments

Yercaud - A Hill Side Panorama: Situated around 35 kilometers away from Salem, Yercaud is sitting handsomely at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the Shevaroy hills. It takes around an hour to reach here from Salem byYerucaud bus. In fact bus is the only mode of transport to reach Yercaud through a route which is full of hairpin bends. Being as beautiful and gracious as Ooty and Kodaikanal but being remarkably cheaper than both of them, it is quite logically referred to as 'poor man's Ooty'. Yercaud got its name from combination of two Tamil words 'yer' and kaddu which respectively mean lake and forest.

Apart from visiting the most famous tourist destination, shop for the locally made handicrafts and handlooms. You will be amazed to see the price difference between the prices here and any where else in Tamil Nadu and probably for the same material quality. So it is advisable that you shop for such items from Yercaud rather than other cities. You can also go for a trekking an excursion which are worth the time you spend on them.
Places to Visit

Attraction that one can visit in this wonderland are numerous. You will find few of the most dreamlike sights in Yercaud that probably cannot be expressed in words. The most talked about and visited spot on this hill station is the refreshing Yercaud lake which is surrounded by greenery from all sides. There are many other breathtaking sites and viewpoints whose true beauty you can only enjoy when they are right in front of your eyes.

The Servaroyan Temple: Situated at the highest point in Shevaroy hills, the Servaroyan temple is a beautifully carved cave temple. This temple is famous for the festival, which is organized here by the local tribes in the month of May. The festival sees a huge turnover of local people. This splendid temple due to its remote location does not witness a huge number of tourist footfalls. So be the one of the few privileged who have discovered the hidden aura of this wonder.

Green House: Green house is a must visit place for all nature lovers as one sees the most beautiful and colorful plants It is an orchard which also doubles up as a Nursery of rose and other flowers. Innumerable varieties of rose and other flowers are thriving in the premises. It also has loads of orange trees which when are fully laden present the most exotic views full of color. Visit this place and find the perfect amalgamation of all the color you can even think of.

Yercaud Lake: This is the first place in Yercaud that catches the attention of travelers. No matter how many beautiful lakes one has seen, they always find this pool of water extremely appealing and tempting. The water is cold and plea sing and it leaves you refreshed to your deepest self. Enjoy a scintillating boat ride in the lake, which is amidst the most breathtaking gardens and trees. What you will see from this crystal clear lake is greenery all around.

Bear's Cave: Situated near the Yercaud's oldest bungalow, Norton Bungalow, Bear's Cave is formed by two huge boulders and lies on the way to Servaroyan Temple. It is located inside a private coffee estate but the occasionally, a staying tourist is allowed inside the premises. The cave is about 7 feet below the ground level and is said to extend beyond the Servaroyan temple till Kaveri in the state of Karnataka which is around 485 Km away. It is believed that the cave was used as a hideout and an escape route by Tipu Sultan during the time of War. If tourists wish, they can try to squeeze past the boulders into the cave and explore it. Although one cannot go beyond few hundred meters as fallen rocks block the path but its worth an experience.

How to Reach

By Air: Trichy is the nearest airport situated some 180 km away. From there you can catch a train to Salem or you can opt for scenic road travel. It will take around 4 hrs to cover the distance either by rail or by road.

By Rail: Nearest railhead is at Salem around 36 Km away from Yercaud. Trains from all parts of India are regular at Salem

By Road: Yercaud is well connected to all the surrounding town by state transport buses and privately operated buses. State transport buses of Karnataka also ply to Yercaud.


Yercaud is a lesser-known hill station when compared to Ooty and Kodaikanal. Yercaud is situated at an altitude of 1,500 meters (4,920 feet), on the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern Ghats. The lofty hills are of extraordinary scenic beauty endowed with a salubrious climate. Although close (33-km) to the bustling industrial town of Salem, Yercaud has a spirited charm of its own. Yercaud is also called "Ooty of the Poor" and is known for Coffee Plantations and Orange Groves. Yercaud is still comparatively more peaceful and cheaper than the major southern resorts of Ooty and Kodaikanal, but every year the influx from the plains is growing larger. The highest point in Yercaud is Shevaroy temple, which is situated at a height of 5,326. Yercaud got its name from the Tamil words, yeri and kaadu, meaning lake and forest respectively. The British discovered it in the early 19th century. There are accounts of coffee plantations being introduced by a British officer in the area in the second decade of the 19th century. Though first house was built in 1840, the first metalloid roads were laid only in the early 20th century. The cool climate attracted Christian missionaries and they established the Sacred Heart Convent for girls and Montfort School for boys. Schools like the Holy Cross Novitiate House, started by the Brothers of Don Bosco, followed these.

Hotels in Yercaud

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